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Mold Remediation
Mold is a fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Many species of fungi exist; estimates range from tens of thousands to perhaps three hundred thousand or more. As a general rule, mold grows best in warm, damp, and humid conditions. It spreads and reproduces by making spores, and, Mold Remediationif not addressed in a timely fashion, can spread very quickly.

Mold in your home can be caused by many reasons ranging from basement flooding, burst water pipes, leaky roofs, or high humidity. When mold occurs, it not only can be a cause of actual physical damage to your home and its contents, mold can also result in a variety of adverse health effects including allergic reactions, asthma, watery eyes, skin irritations and respiratory complaints. For these reasons, it's important to address your water and mold issues quickly and efficiently within the first 48 hours.

Simple cleaning products like bleach and water may not effectively eliminate mold because spores may have already spread to other rooms or locations around effected areas. When water damage occurs, you may also be forced to remove moldy materials, such as carpets and couches, from your home for proper cleaning and deodorizing. When the job is too big for you to handle alone, contact us and we'll be happy to deal with your issues - and your insurance company.

As certified professionals with the Indoor Air Quality Association, our employees are trained to apply the proper steps and protocols to remediate your issues at home or in the office. Our mold remediation services include:

  • Investigating areas associated with occupant complaints
  • Identifying sources and cause of moisture problems
  • Assessing and visual mold inspection
  • Checking inside air ducts and air handling units
  • Selecting cleanup methods for moldy items
  • Using of negative air equipment to prevent spread of airborne spores
  • Complete source removal

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